Based in Hertfordshire Jane Ashton is a qualified Interior Designer with a wealth of real ‘hands on’ experience in full renovation projects. Her expertise lies in her unique style and ability to create elegantly eclectic lived-in interiors with an unexpected edge, bringing the past into the present.

A romantic at heart, from an early age she has always felt an innate sense of needing and wanting to make spaces and events look and feel beautiful. As a child exposed to a creative and quirky set of Aunts, Jane was introduced to the delights and nostalgia of Hollywood films and stars and the beauty and nostalgia of antiques and curio.

Later, influenced by Francophile parents and a strong sense of drive and ambition to experience the new and always ‘push out’ of her comfort zone, Jane spent some years living and working in France. It is the connection of these qualities, influences and life experiences that have shaped her unique design aesthetic.

Realising her passion for renovation and interior design, she designed and managed a series of large renovation projects both in France and the UK which include an ancient Alpine Farmhouse, a Port-side apartment in the South of France and several country homes in the UK. Deciding to make this her full time career she qualified at the well renowned KLC School of Design.

Jane’s most recent completed large residential project is “The Farmhouse‘ which receives regularly mentions on well known design blogs and was recently featured by Design Guru Abigail Ahern. It is also a regular and popular location shoot for fashion and product shoots and launches and soon to be published in Period Homes. She has also recently completed a fun pet project which received much attention known as ‘Brigitte the Glamavan‘ which featured in the special Summer edition of Practical Caravaning.