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Bold design statements are what add impact and create the drama that make a room come alive. Recently I wrote on how I believe that Drama is the essential element to creating great interior design schemes and how without these bold touches the scheme will lack any real substance or  wow factor. One key way to start being bold is with colour. That needn’t mean choosing loud and garish colours, though there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you love, its more about being unafraid to go with your intuition and choose what you are drawn to rather than playing it safe with a neutral.

Lets explore 5 different ways of being bold with colour…

Colourful Sitting Room with fireplace

Accent with BOLD contrast colours

‘Your furniture and accessories will POP against a bold backdrop’

Choosing one strong paint colour on all of the walls, paintwork and ceilings as a backdrop and then adding just one or maximum two other contrasting colour or varying shades of that colour will make your furniture and accessories ‘pop’ against it. It’s a great way to show off all of the wonderful things you are going to put inside. In this scheme the gold and red contrast with blue and it’s tied together by the addition of the  rug.

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Add a BOLD statement piece of furniture in a rich and luscious colour

Keeping the rest of the elements in subdued but similar colour tone, you can add a statement piece of furniture like a sofa or headboard in a bold colour, preferably something rich and luxe like this burgundy velvet sofa and then gently pick up the colour via smaller subtle accents. Add other neutrals (including black) and natural finishes such as wood, as here in the wooden flooring,  to soften.

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Interior Design Sofa
Full Service Interior Design

Adding a BOLD and colourful piece of art, wall mural or wallpaper.

By using a more neutral colour as a backdrop add a bold piece of Art or perhaps a wall mural and you can pick out a couple of colours and use this for other elements in the room via accessories, rugs or other fabric. In this way the feature will stand out but there will be unity to the scheme. Notice in this room how the addition of neutral black in touches and the tan leather sofa are also working as a neutral finish to add more interest via texture to the room without detracting from the colour scheme.

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Using one really super BOLD colour

You need to really make the commitment with this one and use one really bold colour on ALL walls, ceiling and woodwork, don’t loose confidence and do just one wall, it won’t work. If you then balance the strong colour with other neutral colours (use black as a neutral as well as whiter neutral tones) and finishes such as wood and stone and metallics, these will soften the look without it loosing impact. This image is one of my favourites, its bold but in no way jarring or garish, instead its dramatic, interesting warm and relaxed in feel.

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Green eclectic and moody sitting room
Colourful Sitting Room

The use of clashing tones and patterns against a neutral toned backdrop

Painting the room in a neutral tone and then adding some elements of clashing colours via furniture or soft furnishings is a clever way to create impact without overpowering the scheme. In this lovely cheerful room there are a myriad of colours in the books, paintings and  furnishings but they are not fighting for their place because of the neutral backdrop which is allowing them to shine in their own right.

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Whichever you choose before you start, make sure you love and are drawn to the colours you have chosen and be fully committed, BE BOLD add drama!

Are you bold enough?

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