A Boho-Glam, Madonna inspired mood board

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Last week Madonna turned 60 years old. This sassy distinctive woman has kept us all watching for 40 years with her constant reinvention and her ‘devil may care’ attitude. she’s shunned convention, made her own rules and had us all spellbound as she created her own brand of compelling drama for us to delight in. She may not be a first thought when considering boho as a style, but for me her individuality, creativity and nonconformist perspective, is the embodiment of a true Bohemian spirit. She was easy inspiration for my mood board this week… the original Bohemian girl, in a glam way of course!


“her individuality, creative and nonconformist attitude is the embodiment of a true Bohemian spirit”

material girl mood board

The Original Bohemian girl

I wanted this mood board to feel, sassy and sexy, like the woman herself. Images of her diverse ‘looks’ show the many faces of her personality. A girl after my own heart, she is clearly inspired by and draws on, inspiration from the past.



Madonna inspired mood board by Jane Ashton

The Colours

Rich and strong mulberry blends with quiet feminine pink and delicate metallic rose gold, whilst navy acts as a softer version of black to give weight and ground the scheme.

Madonna inspired mood board by Jane Ashton

Material Girl mood board
Material girl mood board

The Textures

Flirtatious feathers combined with sexy satin and luxe metallic contrasts with informal unisex denim, keeping this scheme form feeling overly girly but unapologetically saucy and glamorous.

Madonna inspired mood board by Jane Ashton

“Don’t just stand there lets get to it, strike a pose there’s nothing to it.. VOGUE..”

Happy 6oth Madge!

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