A warm & Spicy Autumn mood board

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An Autumn chill is in the air and it’s time to turn up the heat! We all love wrapping up in cosy knits and getting outside to enjoy the beautiful colour and the crisp and chilly days of Autumn, but when heading for home we look forward to things that are warming and comforting. These Autumn vibes are my inspiration for this week’s warm and spicy mood board.

A warm & Spicy mood board

Warmth from within

When heading indoors from a chilly Autumn day turning up the thermostat is not really going to give us the comfort we crave. We long to gaze into crackling fires, indulge in rich comfort foods that warm us from the inside, snuggle up with soft tactile fabrics and surround ourselves with spicy warm colours that raise our temperatures.

A warm & spicy mood board, by Jane Ashton, images via Pinterest

The Colours

The rich and spicy, enjoy a taste of the natural palette of a dramatic Autumn colour spectrum.

A warm & spicy mood board, by Jane Ashton

A warm & spicy mood board
A warm & Spicy mood board

The patterns & textures

In terms of texture I’m suggesting Geo earth wallpaper by Blackpop, I love the distressed design and the deep chocolate and orange tones. Add to this soft velvet Zeus, in Tabacco by House of Hackney, depicting a divine chinoiserie scene of graceful Cranes and weeping willows. A touch of masculine suede and a hint of old gold. This all set against the rich patina of an old wooden but highly polished floor.

A warm & spicy mood board by Jane Ashton

So, when it’s chilly outside, if you really want warmth, you’ll also need to add some spicy!

Love & warmth


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