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Bohemian –  “a person, often creative, who lives free of regard for conventional rules and practice”  Definition

Although it has long since become a ‘look’, boho style grew from the anti-conventional bohemian and Hippie influences of past decades. It was originally more of an attitude as opposed to the fashion movement it later became. However I personally associate it with a romantic free spirited, relaxed off- beat vibe and for this reason, I believe it’s essence should naturally exist in any interior scheme if I am to create my quintessential lived-in luxe feel. Here are the basic elements I use to add that important element of romantic boho.


“Who wants to live in a home that looks and feels uptight? “

Sara of London boho home

Let your inner Bohemian emerge...

The essence of the boho look is informal and unconsidered which is why I love it. A space can be indulgent and luxe but that doesn’t mean it has to be formal. Who wants to live in a home that looks and feels uptight? Creating this kind of unconstrained relaxed mood can be easily achieved with textiles, plants and accessories. Keep things loose, simple and flowing, layer and mix and let your inner bohemian emerge…





Loose & flowing

Keep styles and shapes simple and informal but flowing and extravagant. Embrace the luxury of natural luxe fabrics such as cotton, linen, silks, velvets, leather and fur, faux of course.

Extra long curtains from Lizzo tumble to the floor in pools to create luxe informality...

extra ling curtains
lorraine Kirkes bathroom


Overlay with textiles by using multiple throws, layered window treatments, wall hangings and layering rugs. The addition of extra curtains at doors and openings is a great way to soften hard edges…

Lorraine Kirke's Brownstone in NYC, photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughs

“there is nothing remotely romantic and whimsical about a recessed spot!”

Romantic lighting

Lighting should be warm and atmospheric, there is nothing remotely romantic and whimsical about a recessed spot! An eclectic mix of styles, shapes and sizes from heavily fringed shades to crystal chandeliers will create full on boho drama.

Image Indulgy via Pinterest

romantic boho lighting
boho botanicals


An intrinsic part of this style is nature and organic materials, so botanicals should feature heavily, in pots, hanging, large and small, along with natural textiles and handmade items.

The beautiful boho London home of Sara Hersham -Loftus

Handmade macrame and embroidery in natural cotton are the perfect additions…

Image via Urban Outfitters

macrame curtain
boho eclectic style

Eclectic collections

Finally, this style is all about mixing and mismatching to create a disjointed unconventional harmony. The idea being that you gather and display the things and memories around you that you love. The harmony which emanates from your own personality will be the ‘glue’ that holds it all together. So mix and mismatch styles and collections at will, this is what will add true personality to your space.


Image via Pinterest



A full on bohemian look is not for everyone but adding the elements of this look will bring any interior to life. I personally believe that channeling your inner bohemian into your home design is what will give it true style and that all essential lived-in luxe, so go wild!

Boho wishes,




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