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Associated with Light, energy and positivity, the colour Yellow is very much the colour of Spring…

Springtime, a time of optimism and anticipation, of rebirth and a return of light and warmth, sighs! Associated with Light energy, positivity and creativity, the colour Yellow is very much the colour of Spring and most of us feel it’s positive energy as soon as we spy the first daffodils appearing.

The most important thing when thinking about using Yellow for interiors is to choose the shade of Yellow that resonates with you the most. That may be a daffodil yellow or perhaps you are more drawn to a mustard or maybe an acid Yellow. Even once you have identified your shade there is also a limit to how much Yellow you can use successfully before it starts to have a negative effect and so it’s probably always best used as an accent colour. Accessories are the best way to add yellow in small doses here are a few of my current favourites.

Yellow cushions


Easy to swop in and out as the seasons change and they add an instant pop of spring to the room. My top current favourites

Top left; cotton Yellow tassel cushion by Rockett St George. bottom right; Tassel cushion by Heals, right; Yellow Bee cushion, H&M Home

Seasonal Flowers

An instant game changer, tall stems of bright forsythia make the perfect spring statement. For a longer lasting look these faux’s will look so welcoming in a hallway. These Yarrow by Abigail Ahern will also look great going through into summer if you change up the foliage or add some summer blooms to ring the changes.

Left; faux Yarrow, by Abigail Ahern; Right; Faux Forsythia, by Graham&Green

Yellow Faux flowers
Yellow artwork


Add a splash of Yellow with some Art, there’s no reason why you can’t swop art around to different areas so that you see more or less of it according to the season. I love this sailing boat print with its yellow sails by Surfaceview


Left; Pelican of London, Richard Sibley, Surfaceview; Right; The Impossible Eggs, Mike Skidmore, Artfinder


Fresh lively scents are a must to add to the upbeat spring atmosphere but for an extra bonus what about adding some spring colour too with this limited edition candle presented in a hand blown saffron glass pot with the signature gold stamp of my favourite candlemakers Cire Trudon, bursting with zesty lemon top notes.

Cire Trudon, Cyrnos candle

Fun accessories

Add a sense of Spring lightheartedness by adding some fun accessories, these are some of my current favourites.



Top left; Artificial Budgie, Rockett St George; bottom; Hourglass, Zara Home, Right; Upcycled, one-off quirky vintage china, AlijoeDesigns

Its time to break out the Yellow, have some fun…


Best wishes

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