An elegant Halloween supper table for grown-ups

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Trick or treating is no longer a feature of my life since the babes have flown the nest, but I do still like to mark the season anyway by throwing an elegant relaxed little grown-up supper party. That said, orange pumpkin lanterns are just not going to cut it in terms of elegance. I do love the vibrant fiery colours of Autumn but I wanted to create something a little quieter and sophisticated for this table. Rather than heading straight for the florists though, I decided to take a wander in the garden and take a look at whats really happening out there and here’s what I found…




How to create an autumn table centre

An elegant halloween supper table, by Jane Ashton

I noted some lovely deep wine colours and delicate pastel pinks in the last of the roses, which were fully open, the petals beginning to tumble. The toppling forms of the plants and flowers as they die back and the  summer finally fades. At the same time shrubs and trees are bearing their gifts of berries and nuts. For this table design I wanted to capture the contrasting feeling of this fading and abundance.

How to create an autumn table centre piece
How to create an autumn table centre

I picked a few of the delicate roses, a lone gladioli, a few stems of a pretty shrub with wine coloured berries, a stem of seeded flower heads, gathered a few conkers and some tall languishing tarragon.

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Here’s what you’ll need to create this tablescape yourself:

  • 3 long stemmed pieces of foliage (I’ve used faux, but fresh will work as well),
  • 3 stems of foliage with berries
  • 3 stems of some softer feathery fern type foliage
  • 3 flowers (cut with a small stem) I’ve used roses.
  • conkers, acorns or nuts
  • petals or flower heads I’ve used gladioli flowers and rose petals.
  • Around 5 Small squash/gourds

How to make a table centre piece

I started with a charcoal grey natural linen tablecloth, I love its casual un-ironed style, the perfect laidback backdrop for this look. Next I took 3 stems of my trusty faux winter foliage by Abigail Ahern, I bought these a few years ago and they have been such a great investment as they can be used in arrangements and tablescapes year round. Their long flexible form act as a great starting structure.

I laid two stems at opposite ends deciding where I want the centre piece to finish and then lay a third in the middle. Unless you want to remove the tablecloth and hang on to the arrangement for a few days, there’s no real need to attach the stems in this instance since its in situ and isn’t going anywhere.

Next I added three tarragon stems to the gaps in between the large winter foliage stems. A little floristry tip, always work in odd numbers, so in this case three of each type.


How to create an autumn table centre piece
How to create an autumn table centre piece

Then I layered up the tarragon with three stems of the red berry foliage.



I added the roses, placing them evenly across the centre piece.



How to make an autumn table centre piece
HOw to make an autumn table centre piece

And although I have just said work in odd numbers, in this case I used four but I used two roses together but acting as one, to create a little asymmetry.


To complete the look I’ve simply scattered conkers and individual gladioli flowers in and around the place settings and added some mini squashes and gourds. I’ve casually tied the linen napkins. A touch of gold in the cutlery and some silvery gold tea lights and vintage gold rimmed glasses contrast with the rusticity and luxe up the look.

How to create an autumn table centre
How to creato an autumn table centre

Using foliage and flowers that are actually growing now in your garden and in their seasonal form creates a seamless transition from the outside to the inside. This will add a comfortable and relaxed feel to your table and room because it’s a true reflection of whats happening in real time in your natural surroundings.


Elegant styling and entertaining doesn’t have to cost the earth, often there are so many things on our own doorstep. I hope I have inspired you to head outside and capture a little of the garden and bring it home.

If you would like to watch the ‘how to’ video click here 

Happy Halloween,


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