Boho she-Den moodboard

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I love the laid-back romantic feel of bohemian style and always feel the need to add a little to any design scheme I create. It’s the ultimate in feminine and for me it’s the relaxed affect it brings that gives an element of luxury to a space, after all, what is more luxurious than the ability to relax?

boho den mood board

The concept

As this space is unapologetically a feminine casual zone, vintage boho with its unrestrained soft floral style is the perfect vibe. I imagine the perfect she-den-come dressing room with a soft pink chaise, a folding mirrored screen, draped embroidered vintage sheers and a cute little  bar cart. Here I could read, write, contemplate or just hang out with the girls, chin chin.

Boho She- Den Mood board by Jane Ashton

The Colours

The eclectic nature of boho style means that it is an unconsidered look which evolves over time. So seemingly clashing colours such as orange and pink work. Of course the reality is that the organic element so fundamental to this look, means that anything that occurs in nature, such as a field of multi coloured flowers are perfect.

Boh She-Den moodboard by Jane Ashton

Boho den moodboard
Boho den moodboard textures

Texture & pattern

Organic vintage textures and surfaces that hold the patina of age and use are what are required for this look, so its time to rummage through the flea markets and collect old and beautiful treasures to add to your own…

Boh She-Den textures moodboard by Jane Ashton

This is a room that will be fun to put together and one in which to add to as new treasures are found…


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