10 ways to use rich luscious Red in your interiors

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Red is without doubt a powerful and intense colour, said to physically stimulate raising the heart rate and blood pressure. It has a diverse range of associations from sin to romance, power and danger and as such can evoke a variety of of emotions. Used well it can create energising, warm, spicy and sensual spaces, but get it wrong and it can be as disastrous as it can be fabulous. Choosing the right shade of Red and/or getting the balance correct is the key. To help you pull it off, I’ve gathered together my favourite images of  some fabulous Red interiors and noted my thoughts on how to get the best out of fabulous Red.



Red bathroom

A rich and deep Red has been used in this classic bathroom. The teaming of a beautiful white basin and towels lift the colour, preventing it from becoming too dark and the antique mirrors add old world elegance.

Ensuite Bathroom at 'Domaine de la Baume

Combined here with Orange (Papaverby Paper and Paints) and balanced with simple neutral bed linens, Red creates a warm and spicy feel, just perfect for the Bedroom!

A Parisian Bedroom designed by Tara Craig, source House & Garden

Warm Reds are often the best option for all over colour, but using this bright Red, on a feature wall has just the right impact to draw attention and add punch to this display of antique plates.

John Robshaw's, Country Kitchen, source Elle Decor

Red doesn’t always need to create impact. Here in this farmhouse hallway, this cheerful warm Red is friendly and inviting when mixed with pattern and used as the backdrop to family treasures.

Grade II listed Farmhouse, Source Period Living UK

A bold and powerful Red is used to best effect to highlight a particular feature, as done here for this roll top bath painted in Atomic Red by Little Greene.

Source, Little Greene Paint and Paper

Using a vibrant Red on walls and ceilings in this cute cabin has created a distinct area and focus on a quirky corner.

Steve Edge's timber cabin, Source, House & Garden

Red Kitchen

A classic Crimson Red damask used in abundance in this grand room, is the perfect shade to express affluence, elegance and importance.

Belton House, Lincolnshire

A warm and earthy Red, (Farrow & Ball, Picture Gallery Red) teamed with rustic accessories, what a gorgeous and inviting country hallway

Source, House & garden

Red Parisian room

Unashamedly brazen lipstick Red and bohemian style furnishings, give this Parisian room a sense of wicked fun, delicious!

Source Pinterest

Gloss Red paint is used to great effect here on the door and mirror. By cleverly picking out the Red in the artwork, it has had  the effect of highlighting the lovely image rather than detracting from it.

Source, Architectural Digest

Chinese Red room

WARNING: Red is not for the faint of heart, this colour is rich, luscious and daring, it will create maximum impact…oh yes!

Here are some of my favourite Red paint colours to try :

Picture Gallery Red by Farrow & Ball – a rich brown red

Incarnadine by Farrow & Ball – a rich Crimson red

Eating Room Red by Farrow  Ball – a rich Burgundy

Radicchio  by Farrow & Ball – a bright modern crimson

Baked Cherry by Little Greene – a rich sumptuous red.

Tuscan Red by Little Greene – a deep terracotta

For more Red inspiration check out my Red Room Pinterest Board.

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