Sophisticated sepia, a Kitchen moodboard for foodies.

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Whilst recently browsing Conde Nast Traveller, I came across an evocative piece on Seville. Rich in history, it’s a city that is breathing new life into it’s bones. By embracing new contemporary ideas and culture, a fresh and exciting layer is being added to it’s enduring story. It’s a place I intend to visit soon and top of my list will be El Rinconcillo, Seville’s most historic Taberna. I love the timeless sophistication and sepia-like quality of it’s traditional interior style and it has inspired an idea in me for a kitchen scheme perfect for a self confessed foodie like me.


sepialike mood board

El Rinconcillo, Seville, Spain

El Rinconcillo oozes uncomplicated, relaxed and indulgent sophistication. There is nothing pretentious here, I sense the fare served is of the highest quality, but traditional produced and organic in nature. Figs have a luxe and elegant quality about them in both taste, colour and texture and so compliment the mood perfectly in this stylish environment. The feel of well worn vintage leather and brass adds the tactile element for that lived-in luxe feel creating the perfect moodboard for a foodie’s kitchen.



Sepia mood board colours

The Colours

A smart stylish palette of rich cream, tan, fig purples and nearly black.

The textures

Soft vintage tan leather combines with warm elegant aged metallics and a rustic Japanese burnt wood finish known as shou Sugi Ban.

Sepia mood board textures

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