Weaving a little wit & whimsy into your home

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Selecting gorgeous paint colours and fabrics will certainly get you well on the way to creating the perfect space but giving that space personality is what creates a home. A home without personality will lack spirit and heart and leave you cold, think show homes that belong to no one! For me the perfect home interior should blend luxe layers and rustic finishes for a relaxed lived-in style with a dash of wit and whimsy for that all important individuality that will bring the room to life. Its simple to do, just add whatever makes you smile…

wit & whimsical touches to interiors

Its a way of saying "don't take me too seriously"

Adding wit and whimsy to your home is really just about displaying things that lift your spirits and make you smile. Interiors should look and feel easy, a space thats uptight is not welcoming or comfortable. Its a way of figuring in your sense of fun and humour, a way of saying “don’t take me too seriously” this will have a positive effect on you and anyone that visits. Here are some of my favourite ways to raise a smile…

Design by Jane Ashton

Stencils & Stickers

Playful quotes placed either directly on to the wall via stencils  or in the form of a print are a great way to lighten up an otherwise demure room. Create your own personalised wall stickers at  https://leonorahammond.co.uk/collections/personalised

Design by Jane Ashton

GIrls just want to have fun bust
Numbers up the attic stairs

A staircase is a great way to add a little quirk to the climb…



Design by Jane Ashton

Animals always raise a smile.

Any references that flirt with cute animals in a fun way will always bring joy. Bookends like my sausage dog can be used easily around the home on shelves and window ledges, at Audenza you can find a great selection from octopuses to monkeys.

My plastic lobster is one of my favourite things in the kitchen and always gets a mention when people visit.


Design by Jane Ashton

witty animal designs
cheeky art for a witty touch

Mischievous Artwork

Mischievous art, especially if it is a take on a traditional style is a good way to ‘lighten up’ a period home.

These canvas’s come from Mineheart who have a fun collection to choose from.

Design by Jane Ashton


It can be as simple as displaying a playful collection of unusual items that will act as a catalyst for conversation.

Image source Pinterest

Witty vintage collections
unusual storage

Or turning things on their head and repurposing items for different uses.

image via Pinterest

Adding some wit and whimsy to your interior will stimulate and lift the mood creating a happy, relaxed and warm atmosphere. So let your imagination and creativity flow and breath real life and character into your home.


Best wishes.



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